The American University of Malta

The American University of Malta is newly established, and is a private, accredited, American-style liberal arts University in the heart of Europe. Intentionally small and diverse, they are committed to providing a top quality educational experience that results in innovative, critical thinkers that can lead and interact globally.

They have just welcomed their first intake of students on to 3 Bachelors of Science programs (Accounting, Games Development and Business Administration) and also an MBA program. They are also expanding their program portfolio and will be opening a Business & Finance program and a Graphic Design & Animation program in addition to several Engineering programs over the upcoming year.

In part, The American University of Malta is targeting students who desire an American-style liberal arts education who can’t afford or more recently no longer wish to travel and live in the United States. Indeed, we believe Malta provides a great alternative study destination in an English speaking country with a far better climate (roughly 300 days of sunshine per year)!

For all interested we provide free assessment for admissions at The American University of Malta.

Please contact us by calling us or messaging us (in English or in Russian), using either:

  • Skype
    • Russian language, Skype username: aceonline-center
    • English language, Skype username: movesinternationalcom
  • Telephone
    • Russian language: +7-965-560-9740
    • English language: +61-2-8005-7005
  • Whatsapp
    • Russian language, number: +7-965-560-9740
    • English language, number: +98-936-977-3124
  • VKontakte (VK)

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