Perm National Research Polytechnic University

ACE Online Center is now offering Bachelors, Masters and PhD programs for foreign students in Russia at the highly respected Russian university, the Perm National Research Polytechnic University.

Low tuition fees, low living costs and internationally recognized qualifications. The following video presents the University itself:

Here is a sample of some of the exciting programs being offered:

(4 years, Degree – Bachelor of Engineering and Technology)
1. Oil and Gas Business (Branches: Oil and Gas well Drilling, installation and repairs of pipeline carriers; Operation and maintaince oil production facilities)
2. Power Industry and Electrical Engineering (Branches: Electric drive and automation of engineering processes of mining and oil pro-
duction; Electromechanics).
3. Materials Science and Technology of Materials (Branch: Machines and equipment of oil and gas mines)

(4 years, Degree – Bachelor of Engineering and Technology)
1. Operation of Transport and Processing Machines and Systems (Branches: Car service; Service of transport and processing machines and equipment)
2. Construction (Branches: Highway and airfields; Bridges and transport tunnels)
3. Technosphere Safety (Branch: Environmental engineering)

(4 years, Degree – Bachelor)
1. Advertising and Public Relations (Branch: Advertising and public relations)
2. Linguistics (Branch: Translation)
3. Social Science (Branch: Social structure, social institutions and processes)
4. Economics (Branch: Economics and business management in engineering industries)
5. Management (Branch: Marketing)

(4 years, Degree – Bachelor of Engineering and Technology)
1. Metallurgy (Branches: Science of materials and technology of heat treatment of steel and high strength alloys; Powder Metallurgy)
2. Mechanical Engineering (Branches: Equipment and technology of welding production; Renovation; Machines and of welding production; Technology, equipment and automation of engineering industries)
3. Design and Engineering Support of Engineering Production (Branch: Technology of computerized mechanical engineering)
4. Quality Management (Branch: Quality manage-
ment in industrial engineering systems)
5. Nanotechnology and Microsystem Technology (Branch: Nanotechnology and microsystem technology)
6. Technology of Art Processing of Materials (Branch: Technology of art processing of materials

(4 years, Degree – Bachelor of Engineering and Technology)
1. Civil Engineering (Branches: Industrial and civil engineering; Civil engineering and management; Production of building materials, units and constructions; Heat and gas supply and ventilation; Water supply and drainage system; Appraisal and real estate management)

(4 years, Degree – Bachelor of Engineering and Technology)
1. Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (Branches: Mathematical simulation; Mathema-
tical and information support in economics)
2. Applied Mechanics (Branches: Dynamics and strength of machines; Computer mechanics and computer engineering; Computer biomechanics)
3. Photonics and Optoinformatics (Branch: Fiber optics)

(4 years, Degree – Bachelor of Engineering and Technology)
1. Technological Machines and Equipment (Branch: oil and gas processing equipment)
2. Automation of Engineering processes and Industries (Branches: Computer quality management system for automation industries; Automation of engineering processes and industries)
3. Chemical Technology (Branches: Chemical technology of nonorganic substances; Chemical technology of natural energy carries and carbonic materials)
4. Biotechnology (Branch: Biotechnology)

(4 years, Degree – Bachelor of engineering and technology)
1. Power Industry and Electrical Engineering (Branches: Electrical insulating, cable and capacitor technology; Power supply; Manage-
ment in power industry and electrical engineering)
2. Information and Communication Technologies and Communication Systems (Branch: Communication networks and switching systems)
3. Management in Engineering Systems (Branch: Information and control systems)
4. Automation of Engineering Processes and Industries (Branches: Automation of engineering processes and industries; Automation Management of products life
5. Innovation (Branch: CALS-technology in Innovative Management)
6. Computer Science and Computer Engineering (Branches: Computer machinery, complexes, networks, systems; Automated systems of information processing and management)
7. Software Engineering (Branch: Development of Software and information systems)

Master & PhD Programs
Mining and Oil Faculty
Civil Engineering Faculty
Chemical Engineering Faculty
Electrical Engineering Faculty
Applied Mathematics and Mechanics Faculty
Distance Education Faculty
Staff Advanced Training and Education Faculty
Humanitarian Faculty
Car and Road Building Faculty
Mechanical Engineering Faculty

Language Learning



General information

PNRPU offers foreign applicants an opportunity to study Russian and prepare themselves for PNRPU full-time programs at the Foundation Studies.

PNRPU Foundation Studies have been certified by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science. Thus, it welcomes both state-funded (quota) and self-funded applicants and students.

Foundation studies target at preparing foreign nationals to enter PNRPU bachelor, master, specialist and PhD programs. The foundation studies let foreign applicants learn Russian, as well as refresh their knowledge of Mathematic, Physics, IT, Chemistry and other disciplines depending on the profile of their future program.

Foreign nationals may choose one of the profiles at the Foundation studies, such as Engineering, Natural Sciences and Economics.

Period of studies: 1 academic year (from October 1st till July 31st).

Holiday time: 2 weeks in winter and August in summer.

PNRPU Foundation studies provide only a full-time tuition.

The tuition fee for the academic year of 2017-2018 is 85 800 rubles in total (medical insurance certificate is included into this fee).

Admissions process starts from May 15th every year. An intensive program is an option (in case if students arrive in November, December) starting from a group of 8-10 people.

If you want to join our studies you will need to provide the following list of documents:
• Passport and its notarized (certified) translation into Russian.
• Diploma (degree/ school certificate) and its notarized (certified) translation into Russian.
• HIV medical certificate, medical certificate from dermatologist and venerologist. All these documents have to be translated into Russian. Of course you can make all of them in Perm. Be aware that without them you are not allowed to stay in the dorms.
• 6 colorful (matt) photos 3×4 cm.
• Application form

Each profile includes 6 disciplines.

• Engineering
– Russian language (including scientific style);
– Physics;
– Mathematics;
– Information Technologies;
– Engineering Design;
– Geometry and Trigonometry/Chemistry.

• Natural Sciences
– Russian language (including scientific style);
– Physics;
– Mathematics;
– Chemistry;
– Information Technologies;
– Geometry and Trigonometry

• Economcs
– Russian language (including scientific style);
– Social studies;
– Mathematics;
– Information Technologies;
– Russian History;
– Ecology.

The program offers 1094 in-class academic hours, 4-6 days a week in the Main Building of PNRPU.

In the course of studies students undertake to pass interim credits and exams, after the studies they will pass the final exams. After them the students will gain the Certificate of Completion.

Foundation studies employ PNRPU academic and scientific staff to ensure a high level of its graduates’ competences and guarantee that they can study at PNRPU or any other Russian university after this program.

Accomodation. PNRPU offers dormitories for all the students; they are located on “PNRPU Pine Forest Campus”. There is regular a shuttle bus Nr. 41 (PNRPU Main building- “Pine Forest Campus”). A one-way bus ticket is 20 rubles.

The accommodation on campus is app. 700 rubles a month per person. An average student spends app. 10 000 rubles on meals per month.

This video below showcases the beauty of Perm:

To learn more about these exciting programs at the Perm National Research Polytechnic University, please contact us by calling us or messaging us (in English or in Russian), using either:

  • Skype
    • Russian language, Skype username: aceonline-center
    • English language, Skype username: movesinternationalcom
  • Telephone
    • Russian language: +7-965-560-9740
    • English language: +61-2-8005-7005
  • Whatsapp
    • Russian language, number: +7-965-560-9740
    • English language, number: +98-936-977-3124
  • VKontakte (VK)


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