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I thought I would like to put pen to paper and compliment ACE Online Center and its subsidiary Australian Education Center on the excellent service and assistance its office provided for my family and me.

When I came to ACE Online Center office I was in doubt of how the process of obtaining a visa and going abroad with my large family works. At that time I wasn’t sure whether it was the right decision to move all my family and leave my prestige position at the Agricultural Department for my future studies in Australia. My English wasn’t excellent, so it was another barrier that I could face. The ACE Online Center staff had guided me through all the steps and made sure that I was aware of all the minor problems that I could face as a foreign student abroad, for example having trouble finding accommodation for a family of five with three children.

The office had guided me along my journey starting from the preference of my course to the very moment of me arriving at Perth airport, Australia. It was brought to my mind that I couldn’t have asked for a better service. Most travel agencies/visa offices don’t follow up with the student after he/she has received offer letter or visa.

Mr. Neil ACE Online Center had really been a part of my successful journey, I could not have made the correct decision as I have never been abroad and knew very little of the education system and student visa system for Australia. ACE Online Center and its subsidiary Australian Education Center had guided me through two different admissions & student visa applications for my Masters and PhD in Australia.

I am more than happy to recommend their service to my friends and colleagues and have been doing so for the past six years. More than 200 other students and their family members that I know of have also been more than satisfied with the service provided by this agency and its subsidiary Australian Education Center . I have also joined their team as they needed someone who could continue following up with the students within Australia!

Emad PhD student at Murdoch University, Australia

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